Combo Welder

Company Name:
GE Oil & Gas
The Combo Welder will perform functions to weld product line assemblies in accordance with established weld procedure specifications.
Read and understand weld symbols
Set up, operate, and maintain welding machinery
Join and/or overlay material using both manual and/or automated welding processes
Select proper electrodes and holders; regulate current and time
Space number of welds in accordance with varying conditions and materials to achieve proper fusion, strength and finish
Maintain adjustments as required
Understand and adhere to quality requirements
Assist as required in gouging, oxy fuel flames cutting, grinding, material handling and cleanup
Coordinate with Purchasing to maintain inventory of consumables
Perform principal duties offsite at customer locations, as required
Comply with all applicable quality, health, safety and environmental regulations
Perform other related duties as assigned or indicated by responsibilities
Perform all duties as assigned by management.
High School Diploma / GED OR a minimum of 6 months of related industry experience / training
Ability and willingness to work 2nd shift (6:00PM 4:30AM, Mon Saturday AM)
Ability and willingness to work at least 8 hours per day, primarily standing and sitting
Ability and willingness to lift objects weighing up to 50 lbs., pushing and pulling of parts hanging from a crane that weigh 35 lbs. up to 10,000 lbs., pulling on wrenches to secure parts in machine
Ability and willingness to be subjected to extreme heat that could exceed 500 degrees for extended periods of time
Ability and willingness to work in the following conditions: Enclosed areas, heights, and awkward positions; Exposure to eye injuries, noise, dust, burns, and arc flashes; Exposure to high noise levels for long periods of time; Work inside and outside in all temperatures
Ability and willingness to stand for long periods of time
Ability and willingness to handle heavy parts and moving parts
Ability and willingness to pass a pulmonary function test

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